The Notorious Maker

What I use

I like to keep track of all the stuff I’m using and list it here.

Maybe you’ll find your new favorite tool in my list? At least that’s what happened when I looked at similar lists from other people. Stefan Zweifel has a pretty good extensive one, for example.


I’ve got an iPhone 13 and it’s fine.

I use Fastmail (with a custom domain) as my email provider. It feels very professional, has nice integrations and an amazing user experience. Can recommend.

My most used app is probably Bear. I tried all other notes apps, but this is the one that works for me. Actually, I’m not a big fan of Markdown, but plaintext files definitely have their benefits.

To keep track of what needs to be done, I’ve chosen Things. To be honest, every other app would be fine, too. I don’t use projects, labels or other features to categorise tasks. It’s just a long list of tasks, some with a due date, some with a recurring due date. I use it extensively.

If you’re not using a password manager, stop reading and set up a password manager. Me and my family is using 1Password.

It’s hard to meet me without my Ricoh GR III recently. I also own a Fuji X100VI. My photo editing workflow is entirely mobile. I transfer photos to my iPhone, edit them with Darkroom and sync them with Photos for iOS.

In 2022, I started playing the keyboard and I love my tiny Arturia MiniLab Mk II and my cheap Arturia KeyLab Essential 61. I’m still really bad at it, though. Don’t expect me to drop an album soon.


I’m using Laravel to render my website. And yes, that’s a great example of overengineering. Code is stored on GitHub, changes are deployed through the DigitalOcean App Platform.

Content is stored as Markdown, indexed with Orbit and parsed with CommonMark. The front end is styled with Tailwind CSS.

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I’m working on a MacBookPro (14-inch, 2021) with an Apple M1 Pro Chip and 16 GB memory. I’m working on a single 27″ Benq PD2705U. As a microphone, I bought the Elgato Wave:3. Not sure I’d recommend it, though. I’m looking for alternatives. Maybe the Shure MV7?

I’ve got this all on a Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk or in my Pinqponq Blok Medium backpack.

Philipp Kühn nudges me to buy proper headphones, but I’m still using some cheap JBL on-ear headphones and I like them. I “upgraded” to Soundcore Space Q45 over-ear headphones with noise cancelling. Wouldn‘t recommend them, but they do what I need them for. (By the way, I don’t plan to join the AirPods club.)

While working, I’m listening to Spotify. I have a bad music taste.

Visual Studio Code is my preferred code editor. I configured it to look minimalistic and I’ve set a bigger-than-average line height. I’m using JetBrains Mono as the font. This is how that looks like:

A screenshot of my code editor

I know some Git commands, but I prefer to use Git Tower as a graphical interface. No idea why some people avoid a GUI to look through hundreds of lines of code.

What I’d like to use

I should probably replace Bear as my notes app with a more advanced solution. I heard a lot of good things about Obsidian.

I’d probably enjoy using Vim.

I’m considering to learn a little bit of Rust or Swift and hope to find a reason soonish. I can’t find a good enough reason to learn Swift or Rust.

I’d like to get a full-size 88 keys MIDI keyboard. Got a 61 keys MIDI keyboard and it’s fine for now.

What I don’t use

I used Android for years and hope we will continue to have multiple mobile platforms in the future. That said, I won’t go back to Android. The hard- and software on the other side is just better. Hot take: Except the camera, all Google Pixel phones have better cameras than what Apple offers.

I was a long-time Twitter user, but I switched to Mastodon for reasons. I don’t plan to go back.

Screw Zuck. I never had a Facebook account. I’m not using Instagram.

That’s all. Any recommendations?