The Notorious Maker
February 29, 2024

The old days

Old twitter is not dead

@DCoulbourne on X (formerly Twitter), Source

I don’t want to be this guy, but Daniel, you’re wrong. Twitter used to be my home. It’s incredible how much of my attention it was and still is able to capture. Way more than I like. I had a 1-year break, when I was only posting on Mastodon, but I came back.

I came back because all my friends are still there, and I still value to read their posts, sending them DMs, cheering them up and making fun with them.

However, those interactions happen in the middle of a haystack of social media fast food. Am I missing the old days? Heck, yes. It feels like people are screaming for my attention from left and right, trying to sell me whatever they have, bragging about their MRR. While I still sit in the middle of all that, on a calm table meeting a few good friends.

The old Twitter is dead. I miss a lot of what made Twitter special for me. But as long as I have those lovely interactions with the people I value, I’m afraid to say it, but I’ll have to stay.